Winter Lifestyle Sessions

What to Wear for your Outdoor Lifestyle Session


Comfort is the most important goal for what you choose to wear during photos. If our clothes and/or footwear make us feel uncomfortable or cold- we will look uncomfortable or cold in our photographs. Tidy/Casual is key! Think something you could go from home straight to family brunch in. Now is not the time to break in those new shoes, either! To enjoy your photos, you must enjoy having them taken, which cannot be said if your feet are suffering rubbing or blistering. Low maintenance clothing where you don’t feel the need to constantly hitch, hike or pull on your clothing throughout your shoot can also provide a more enjoyable experience.
Now, the temperatures have dropped- so think of ways to layer your clothing without added bulk. Scarfs, dress jackets, boots and beanies, if chosen well, can look great in photographs while keeping you warm at the same time.

Check out my Fall/Winter Pinterest Board Out
for more Inspo!

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The idea of putting everyone in white shirts and blue jeans can be so tempting! It’s just a wee bit too matchy, which can create a distraction in your photographs. Go for similar shades in natural colours- Such as shades of blue’s and greens with accesories in a complimenting, natural colour such as tans or greys.
Check out my pinterest wardrobe board for winter/fall sessions here to see more colour combinations.


Clothing with text such as brands and/or slogans will date your photographs in the years to come for sure. Fluorescent colours are not only distracting but can bounce really awful colours up on your skin, which is a mega disappointment.
Patterns, well patterns are tricky. They can work really well, or, not well at all. Having a black patterned dress which patterns are very small yet non uniform with a black cardigan- works! Some very fine patterns which are often found on men’s collared shirts can create “Moire”… which is basically a very, very distracting pattern that can, sometimes, be extremely difficult to fully remove).
Use your discretion- though I generally say just to avoid unless you feel confident in your choices.

For some visual ideas for wardrobes, check out my Inspiration Board on Pinterest!

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Spare Clothes.

Kids are kids and anything can happen. Even to mum’s, dad’s, aunty’s and poppa’s too! Save any possible stress that may or may not happen by knowing your covered either way. If you want to have an outfit change- you are more than welcome to bring another set of clothing.


Sunglasses, cell-phones, hats (beanies for winter can be an exception) and car keys make for the worst kind of accessories and can really ruin your photographs.
You are more than welcome to place these items in my camera bag during our session, or have a designated bag for everyone’s items, including snacks if you have small children.

I hope these tips helped, feel free to contact me if you want to discuss your session, or if you have anymore questions!

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