Dare | Inspire | Create

A Women’s Life and Business Event, lead by Jade Fitzsimmons, saw over 150 guests and speakers at the wonderful Holiday Inn, Rotorua.

Rotorua Event
Jade Fitzsimmons who lead the event, dances on stage, performing an energetic number for her guests.

Thursday morning I received a message from Kalena Egan of Putiputi Recycled if I may be available to photograph an event Friday night. Sure! Let’s do it! I had a good feeling about this one, even before knowing much about the event…boy, I was right. I turned up to the Holiday Inn, Rotorua and noticed an immediate hive of activity from down the street to the front doors. I had never been to the Holiday Inn before, however, the easy to follow signage took me to the Pohutu Cultural Theatre holding the event very quickly with no effort from myself. Being someone that can become lost or disorientated easily, I can really appreciate these touches.

Wikitoria Mauriotepoi performing powerfully at the Dare | Inspire | Create event in Rotorua at the Holiday Inn.

Arriving at the Pohutu Cultural Theatre (One of several event rooms the Holiday Inn, Rotorua provide), the energy was evident. Smiling faces exchanging hugs, hello’s and praises decorated the space along with pop up stores which were lavishly decorated with a wide range of products from clothing, handmade soaps to art, jewelry and perfumes. It was all here. The evening started with MC Teri Curtis welcoming everyone followed by a fiery, moving performance with glowing poi’s by Wikitoria! Weow!

Left to Right: Ahua Creations | The Moody Poppet | Shwe Artworks

I was particularly moved by Shwe Artworks, as I came along her pop up store, my eyes feasted on what laid before me. Goosebumps adorned my arms and emotion plunged my inner self. It felt great to be moved by someone’s art in this way. One of many well spoken women from the lineup of speakers, we listened attentively to her inspiring message of creating art through grief.

If you love performing arts as much as I do, this event provided the goods! Hi-Ness, provided an equally energetic, live performance against the stunning backdrop of the Pohutu Cultural Theatre.

Hinerongonui is Hi-NES and is also someone I have had the pleasure of working with before, photographing her as the new Sailor asthma educator for the Asthma Foundation. She has been performing the Sailor Asthma shows to full immersion school in Te Reo. She performs beautifully and soulfully alongside some talented dancers.

Throughout the evening, there were plenty of giveaways for women who were daring enough to come up from the audience and share with the audience their own challenges with the encouragement from everyone there that night. A dessert buffet, open bar, exclusive discounts and VIP’s being treated to a goodie bag saw everyone have a very holistic evening full of inspiration and networking.

Entrance to the Pohutu Cultural Theatre, styled beautifully by Kelena Egan of Putiputi Recycled

There was a strong sense of empowerment, building each other up in both life and business in the face of adversity and challenges. There is a deep need for more events like this within our communities- I met so many strong minded, grossly talented and hugely motivated women as I photographed this event, that I could not help but think this is the type of environment every women needs to experience- to feel more motivated, more daring and encouraged to pursue our dreams and goals by other like-minded women.

Jade Fitzsimmons speaking to her audience about her trials and triumphs at Dare | Inspire | Create 2019

Speakers and sweet treats go hand in hand for a relaxing evening

MC Teri Curtis

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of what was an exceptional evening. Here is a full list of the speakers from the Dare | Inspire | Create Women’s Event of 2019:

Trishee Taylor – Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer

Cian Elyse White – Performing Artist / Director

Jade Fitzsimmons / Wellness Diva – Intuitve Wellness Coach

Tania Rupapera – Mana Coaching – Business Lifestyle Coach

Tesh Paul – Tesha’s Coffee Cart & Winner of the Best Foods Nz Kiwi recipe Challenge

Tracey Maree Houia – Betty May Vintage

Marie Reuben – Nz Model of the year 2018 San fransisco

Nita Mclachlan – Cosmetic Make up artist of 33 years

April Shwe – Shwe Artworks , Freelance Artist

Teri Curtis – Our Emcee for the evening from The Heat 99.1FM

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    I am blown away ,you have captured moments that will last a life time . It its to no surpise Light Book photography was there because your art thru photography is Daring , Inspiring , Creative.

    I loved this Blog it helped me to relive this moment . Very very precious. Thankyou

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